Passionate about technology, developer with more than 15 years of experience, I have a wide experience in different types of technologies and roles (tech lead, software architect, developer).

A good team player, easy-going, relaxed or proactive, whenever it is required. Also recognize my errors and I learn from them. I am very well organized and methodic but also creative when it is necessary.

I moved to .net technologies on 2007. But since February of 2015 I put my focus on Xamarin, and usually I work with MvvmCross, mainly designing architectures, developing under uwp xamarin-android and managing xamarin-ios development.


Monkey Conf Speaker (Madrid)

November 2018

This is not an award, but I think if you are reading this site, this could be interesting for you.

Xamarin Dev Days Speaker (Madrid)

November 2016

This is not an award, but I think if you are reading this site, this could be interesting for you.

First Prize Award XDevMadrid Bot Hackathon

October 2016

Developed bot using "" and Microsoft Bot Framework.

Third Prize Award Megathon (National Awards)

May 2013

Developed WinRT app to check air quality.

Second Prize Award Megathon Madrid

April 2013

Developed WinRT app.

Excellent Labs

April 2012

Microsoft reviewed and certified 3 apps developed on "Excellence Lab" by me before Windows Store was open to public, these 3 apps were 2º, 3º and 5º apps to be published in the Spain Windows Store by someone external to Microsoft.


Implementation Lead

March 2023 - Present

Implementation Lead.

CI CD Azure Kubernetes DevOPS Specialist.

Mobile Lead

March 2017 - March 2023

Mobile Lead.

Xamarin Specialist / MvvmCross Specialist.

CTO - Co-Founder

April 2017 - Present


R&D Tech Lead & Xamarin Specialist

November 2016 - March 2017

Research and Development Tech Lead. Involved on developments with Microsoft Cognitive Services, IoT, Bot Framework and others.

Xamarin Specialist / MvvmCross Specialist.

Xamarin Specialist - SK-N2

June 2015 - October 2016

.Net Mobile Development Lead (WinRT, WP8, WM10, Xamarin, Xamarin Forms)
- Bank Mobile Apps - Xamarin Team Lead (Project with 10 developers involved) - MvvmCross (iOS + Android)
- Cepsa internal suite
- Red Eléctrica internal development

Research and Development Engineer

Jannuary 2015 - June 2015
Visiotech - Freelance

Develop apps with c#/xaml and Android/IPhone using Xamarin.

Windows RT & Windows Phone Development Leader

February 2014 – January 2015
inMediaStudio - Freelance

Develop apps with c#/xaml and html5/js/css3 to Windows8 RT and Windows Phone.

Porting cordova (phonegap) plugings to WinRT (Javascript + WinMD)

Leader of WinRT & Windows Phone development.

Research and development of new areas.

Senior Software Engineer

November 2011 – December 2013

Work in a team developing internal products for Payvision Global Card Processing company, using:
- Unitary and integrated test
- Code Reviews
- Silverlight

Software Engineer - WPF / SilverLight Developer

November 2007 – November 2011
ilitia Technologies

I've work in the analysis and software development. Focusing on WPF desktop applications where I can make the most of my skills and knowledge.

Worked with N layer architecture, server and client sides, WCF, WPF with Composite (Prism) and MVVM, WF (just rules engine), Silverlight, Surface SDK, and others.


Here you can check some of my projects.

Music Searcher (Xamarin-Android App) - An android app developed with Xamarin & MvvmCross to search and listen music using thrid party sites as source.
BDC - Buscador de Cajeros - An Android app developed with Xamarin to search nearest ATMs filtered by company and card types.

Skills & Proficiency







Javascript & jQuery